A Quick Mid Training Evaluation – Evaluating a Full Day Employee Training Workshop

Mid Session Training EvaluationWhen delivering a full day training session, a good idea is to evaluate the training prior to the lunch break to make sure you are engaging employees with relevant training.

A full day training session is a costly prospect on many levels.  It often requires a venue and catering.  It definitely requires a full day of instructor fees and employees being away from the job for the day.  This can put a strain on operations.  Therefore, it is important to ensure that the training is meeting the learning objectives mid-way so that adjustments can be made in the afternoon if necessary.

Designing a Mid Session Training Evaluation

A simple quick paper survey of participants is the best way to ensure that you receive honest feedback on a mid training evaluation.  The best questions are based on the training learning objectives.  You can simply state the objectives that have been covered during the morning and then ask on a scale of 1-10, at this point in the training, has your understanding of [state each objective]:

a)      Decreased – I am more confused than ever

b)      Stayed the same

c)       Increased somewhat

d)      Increased substantially

And then ask what could be done to improve the learning in the second half of the day.

Some other examples of evaluation questions could be:

  1. Has the content presented so far reflected your on-the-job experience?
  2. Do you feel your participation is welcome? Do you feel heard in discussions?
  3. Is the pace we are moving through the material too fast or too slow?

Whatever questions you choose to use to take a temperature check mid-way during the training day, it is important to make sure you ask for feedback on things that you can improve in the afternoon.  Taking a survey and then not responding to it by making adjustments is a waste of time and energy.  You’ll also lose the respect of your audience.

Limit the questions to 3-5 so that the results are easy to review during lunch and it leaves time for any adjustments for the afternoon.  It is very important to remain flexible and meet the needs of your audience so you may find that you need to add more discussion questions, more time for activities, rearrange the seating arrangements or use the knowledge in the room more in the afternoon.  As a professional, it is your strengths as a trainer that comes into play here – show them you know how to respond and deliver.

Do you have other ideas or questions that you use for a mid-way evaluation of employee training?  Please add a comment below.

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