333 Method of Goal Setting Template for 2017

To set goals for the 2017 New Year, use the template to help break your top 3 goals into manageable steps that you can track throughout the year.  The template explains the 333 Method of Goal Setting as explained in this article and includes two examples of Big Goals and the corresponding weekly and monthly goals.

Note: The 333 Method of Goal Setting template has been designed for your personal use.  It is copyright protected so please do not post the template on a website or share it by social media or email.  I’ve kept the cost very low but it helps me offset the time and energy that it takes to create these tools.  Thank you for your understanding.

To download the 333 Method of Goal Setting template, following these steps.

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  6. Click on the blue link “333 Method of Goal Setting Template” to download the template. The MS Excel file will download to your computer. Save the file on your computer.  You can download the file up to 3 times. Note: you will also receive an email with a link to the document.
  7. Open, use and save the template to set your goals for 2017
  8. See my blog post for more information on the 333 Method of Goal Setting.

Please let me know if you have any issues receiving your download and I’d be happy to resolve the issue.