How to Find Job Titles to Search on Job Boards


When I search on a job board (e.g. Workopolis), I am concerned that I am not seeing all the possible jobs.  How can I determine all the job titles to search?




Dear Jane,

To help figure out all the possible titles, I recommend spending some time with an occupational classification index.  In Canada, the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Index is a great database of occupations grouped by Skill Set.

There are many ways to search the NOC.  You can use the Occupational Structure link in the right menu and start with one of the 10 skill types and after clicking on the skill type, drill down to the major group and then the 4 digit NOC code.  Alternatively, you can use the “Quick Search” box at the top with key words and then see a list of possible NOC codes.

When you click on a 4 digit code, for example 1222 Executive Assistants, you see a section called “Example Titles” which will list a few examples of job titles that are used for Executive Assistants.  Below the list is a link “View all titles” – click on that link to see even more titles.

Also, at the bottom of the page, there is a section called, “Classified Elsewhere” which gives examples of related occupations that you can check out as well to see sample job titles for those additional occupations.



P.S. In the USA, the occupational classification index is the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC).  The SOC Major Groups are a good place to start or type keywords into the side menu search window.  The SOC doesn’t offer sample titles as well as the NOC so even though the NOC is the Canadian version, it may also provide helpful titles to US job hunters.

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