Career Goal Achievement Quiz: Choosing a Career Goal

Career Goal AchievementSetting a career goal is the first step. But have you set the right career goal? It is easy to set a career goal but it can be disheartening when you realize after a lot of hard work that it was the wrong career goal to set or to focus on in the first place. So how do you evaluate your career goal(s) to determine which one to prioritize? This quiz is designed to help you score your career goals and determine which goal(s) are best to focus on.

Before you start this quiz, it is important that you know your top five career values. If you have not completed the career values exercise and determined your top five career values, please complete the career values exercise first before continuing with this quiz.

If you are unsure of how to write a goal, check out this article on samples of SMART goals.

Career Goal Achievement Quiz

When you are ready to start this quiz, score each of the following statements on a scale of 1 to 10.

1 = I strongly disagree with the statement to a maximum of 10 = I strongly agree with the statement.

1) I have set this career goal in the past and failed because of other people or factors kept getting in my way.

2) I have the intention to make changes in my life to make this career goal achievable.

3) My motivation is high to achieve this career goal, I have no doubt that I will succeed.

4) I do not see insurmountable obstacles in the way of my achieving this career goal.

5) This career goal has presented itself in the past, however this time it is critical.

6) This career goal does not align with my top five career values.

7) The goal aligns with 3 or more of my top five career values.

8) The primary reason I have set this goal is to please someone I love and/or respect.

9) The primary reason I have set this goal is because it is a step towards a larger goal.

10) I have the encouragement and support of my current boss and/or company (if unemployed, support from your mentor or career coach/adviser).

11) I have the encouragement and support of the people I love (friends, family, partner etc.), they want me to succeed.

12) I feel stagnant or bored so to make a change in my life, I’ve set this career goal.

13) I have complete control over whether I achieve this goal or not.

14) This career goal is realistic; it fits easily into my schedule and does not compete with other goals (career or otherwise).

15) I can measure my success towards this career goal in a tangible way and track my progress.

16) When I describe my career goal, people understand instantly what I am trying to achieve.

17) I have set a deadline for when I want to achieve this career goal.

18) I have many competing priorities in my life including multiple career goals.

19) I plan to chart my progress towards my career goal.

20) I plan to post my career goal statement somewhere that is visible to me on a daily basis.

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