New Free Digital Downloads on Career Minded


Career and Professional Development Digital Downloads- careerminded.caHave you noticed the new Digital Downloads on the Career Minded Website? The four downloads available so far are all free.

  1. Quick Performance Review Form for Training Professionals – a simple form that adapts the sample performance statements found in this article into a performance review form.
  2. Job Search Networking Tips – a free tip sheet on finding networking opportunities and sample conversation starters.
  3. Course Proposal Template – a free template to construct a course proposal using the information in this article on Proposing a Course to teach whatever expertise you want to share.
  4. Class List Template – a free MS Excel template for creating a simple class list.
  5. Update – Added Free Career Plan Calendar for Jan and Feb, 2016…and will add one every month on the 15th for the next month.

Do you have an idea of another template or document you would find helpful?  I am very interested in hearing from you.


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