Helping Employees Grow in the New Year through Employee Training

Starting a new yearA new year is often the time people review their achievements and determine New Year’s resolutions including how they can grow professionally over the next year through employee training. It is also a time when employees want to de-clutter and start the New Year with a fresh approach. January is a great time to offer a series of lunch and learns on topics such as:


  • Time management
  • Quick tips and Short Cuts on any of the Microsoft Office programs (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)
  • Planning for retirement
  • Organizing a filing system
  • Email management
  • Interpersonal or cross cultural communication
  • Teamwork
  • And so on…

If your training budget is tight and you can’t bring in an external trainer, try creating workshop descriptions and describe what you are looking for in an instructor and send it out to employees. Teaching an employee training workshop can be a development opportunity for an employee so this could be a win-win option to consider.

Another option is to create an online or physical library of resources on a set of topics of interest to employees to either be additional resources or in place of the employee training workshops. A newsletter with tips on topics relevant to new year’s resolutions can also be a way to deliver key concepts to employees.

Do you have other ideas for workshops that would appeal to employees starting a new year of work? If you do, please submit a comment.

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