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Career Planning Calendar Jul to Dec 2016
We are half way through the year; are your career goals on track or do you need a jump start? Many of my clients are great at creating new years resolutions but making sure the resolutions or goals are worked on over the year can be difficult if you do not have a coach keeping you accountable.

I have found through coaching clients that setting annual goals and reviewing goals on a monthly basis is more likely to create progress with career planning from month to month. The monthly career plan at a glance is a handy format as you can post it on a wall, mirror or at the front of a binder. Planning tasks from month to month can also prevent the feeling of overwhelm.  It is best to break down big career goals into bite sized chunks.

When you download the calendars, you’ll notice that the calendar’s task list references two other lists. Your tasks should align with your career values and career goals.

So, before you start career planning and listing the tasks you want to accomplish in the second half of the year, download and complete the career values assessment. Once you know your top 5 career values, determine your top 3 SMART goals for the year that align with your values. In my experience with coaching clients, if career goals do not align with career values, in time the goals do not feel right and progress towards them comes to a crashing halt.

I suggest you focus on no more than 3 career goals so that you are not overwhelmed. When you write goal statements, follow the SMART principle:
• Specific
• Measurable
• Agreed to
• Realistic
• Time Phased (by December 31, 2016)

For instructions on how to write SMART goal statements, download the SMART Goal Setting Instruction Sheet.

The next step is to list the tasks you want to accomplish towards your career goal(s). Again, the tasks should align with your career values and be a step in the process towards your career goal(s).

To validate that you have set the right career goals, you can run each of them through this Career Goal Achievement Quiz.

You’ll be able to copy and paste over your values and career goals from month to month. If you have feedback on the calendar, I’d love to hear it. Happy goal setting!

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