Giving Feedback: Sample Performance Review Comments for Training Professionals

morguefile -mconnerIf you are a training manager and are supervising instructors or other training staff, you will need to provide them with feedback in the form of a performance review comments. It can be a daunting task to write a performance review. Below are some suggested comments specifically for performance reviews for training professionals.

This list of performance review statements for training professionals is meant to be a starting point for a more in depth comment along the same vein. Provide concrete examples of what you are commenting on when discussing performance in a coaching session. Try to sandwich the good comments with the bad to show that you have noticed the positive as well as the negative performance.

The number of comments isn’t as important as the quality of the feedback. Five good comments with examples to back them up can be very effective. Remember that this feedback will often be the starting point of behaviour shifts and so it needs to be offered with kindness and respect. It is also important to notice changes in behaviour since the last performance review.

To download this list as a form to enable you to complete a quick and easy performance review with the training professionals you supervise, click here.

Positive Performance Review Comments

• Adapts curriculum and/or teaching style to different audiences with ease and professionalism
• Responds professionally to challenging students. Listens and provides a mature, respectful response.
• Demonstrates patience and respectful guidance when interacting with students
• Responds with tact when asked to change curriculum or teaching style to suit a client’s needs – especially when the change may not be best practice.
• Demonstrates a clear understanding of adult education principles
• Builds strong, positive relationships with learners (and/or other teaching staff)
• Demonstrates passion and enthusiasm for training and adult education.
• Stays current with the latest trends and innovations in adult education.
• Demonstrates active listening with learners and colleagues.
• Demonstrates reliability and consistency with learners
• Delivers content within the timeframe allotted and is able to manage time efficiently if faced with a technical issue or other distraction/problem.
• Uses technology in a learning environment with ease; demonstrates high computer proficiency.
• Understands the role of technology in adult education and introduces technology when appropriate.
• Takes initiative with learner’s needs and curriculum adaptation.
• Evaluates the transfer of learning consistently and applies the findings by making changes where appropriate.
• Eagerly seeks opportunities for professional growth through professional training organizations or through other means.
• Smiles and presents a happy, positive attitude to learners.
• Responds with grace and problem solving to criticisms from learners, colleagues or management.
• Often exceeds the normal expectations of learners and management
• Takes great pride in their work and ability to convey information to adult learners that is practical
• Participates actively in group discussions and readily volunteers to take on curriculum development and other tasks.

Showing Potential Performance Review Comments

• Has great potential for a more senior training/teaching role in the future
• Has great potential for a training management role in the future
• Should be considered for (or should consider) any opportunities for training leadership development
• Should be considered for more challenging tasks such as new curriculum development or [insert more advanced task that job description currently identifies] as a professional development opportunity.
• Has a background in training [insert area of expertise] that is being underutilized at present.
• Is ready to lead a lesson [or develop curriculum or insert other task they are ready for]
• Shows promise with learners with [insert specific type of learning barrier/challenge]

Signs of Improvement Performance Review Comments

• Is receiving more positive feedback from learners
• Is demonstrating a better attitude with challenging learners
• Is showing more interest and enthusiasm for adult education
• Has improved their ability to use technology in training development and delivery
• Has made an effort to find opportunities for professional development within the adult education field
• Seeing encouraging signs within course and/or workshop evaluations that past performance review feedback has been applied
• Has strengthened their skills in [insert area of improvement within training and development or professionally in general]

Requires Improvement Performance Review Comments

• Needs to improve the amount of time spent on lesson planning [or curriculum development or marking or insert type of task]
• Capable of stronger performance in training delivery especially in [insert area of weakness]
• Needs more training in [adult education, educational technology or insert area]
• Sacrifices accuracy for speed when marking learner assignments.
• Learner feedback is consistently poor.
• Is a poor time manager and consistently runs the class or session into overtime.

If you also supervise non-training professionals, you may find this article helpful for performance review comments. If you have comments or suggestions on this article, please add a comment.

To download this list as a form to enable you to complete a quick and easy performance review with the training professionals you supervise, click here.

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