The 333 Method of Goal Setting: How to Create 2017 New Year’s Resolutions and Monitor Progress

New Years ResolutionsIt is that time of year again when our thoughts turn to what goals we want to achieve in the New Year.  Writing New Year’s resolutions is a common way to set the stage for a new beginning as the calendar turns to January. Determining what is important to you and writing SMART goal statements is the first step.  But how do you make sure you don’t set so many goals that you get overwhelmed and how do you create simple progress steps that you can monitor throughout the year?

I’ve created the 333 Method of Goal Setting to help you create these steps to achieve your top three goals for 2017 and to document your progress along the way.  This method uses the SMART goal setting technique to ensure that your goal statements are Specific, Measurable, Agreed to, Realistic and Time Phased.

If you are unsure if your big goals are on track with your values, try taking the Career Goal Achievement Quiz. The quiz will help make sure you are aligning your career values with your goal which is critical to success with goal achievement.  Your values are the foundation of what drives or motivates your actions so if goals are not aligned with values, you’ll struggle.  Something will feel off until you step back and ask yourself, “Is this in line with my values?”.

While I’ve designed this method and the supporting articles and templates for career goals, the technique can be used for any area of life that you want to set a goal for including: finances, home, health, spirituality, family, friends, creative outlets, etc.  However, I would encourage you to limit your goals to the top three you want to achieve unless – and this is a big caveat – you have a consistent track record of achieving more than three big goals a year.  Limiting your goal setting to the top three and concisely recording your progress at the end of each week, month and quarter will be an amazing achievement if you have a track record of making resolutions but not achieving them.

The big goals are the overarching goals for the year.  The weekly, monthly and quarterly goals are smaller steps or progress goals to bring you closer to achieving the big goals.  You’ll find more instructions on the template that you can download.

Set a reminder on your phone or outlook calendar to enter your progress.  It should take no more than 5-10 minutes to record.  That is part of the design of this method – to keep the progress recording down to something very quick and easy to do.  At the end of the year, it is important to take more time to reflect on the goals and what weekly, monthly and quarterly goals you’ve been able to achieve over the course of the year.  While it can be easy to be hard on yourself, you will hopefully see more signs of success than failure if you stick to it despite any setbacks.  If you do not achieve a weekly goal, see it as a sign that you may need some coaching or encouragement from a friend – hopefully one that has also completed the template.

To download the template, click here.

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