Top 10 Gift Suggestions for an Employee Training Professional

Morguefile - rezdora70You need to buy something for an employee training professional who is having a birthday, graduating from a degree in adult education or just because and you don’t know what to get?  Here are some ideas that will be sure to put a smile on their face!

  1. Books.  Okay, so we read a lot.  Any book that teaches will do so think non-fiction.  Some of us like fiction too so mix it up.  But the real way to our hearts is to understand that we like learning as much as teaching.
  2. A book shelf.  Read #1.  I mean A LOT of books.
  3. A great bookmark.  Am I making my point about the book thing?  And just so the rest of this list is not book related: bookstore gift cards, electronic reader (some training professionals like paper so check), book light, etc.
  4. Colourful post-it notes, white board markers, file folders, fancy paper clips or push pins or other office supply.  Most training professionals I know are on a first name basis with their local office supply store.
  5. A great tote bag/laptop bag.  Have you ever seen a training professional walk into an in-person session or webinar?  They are usually doing a juggling act.  A large bag with lots of pockets to organize us would be great.  If it has wheels, all the better as paper and all those supplies get heavy.
  6. A new computer.  Okay, this is a big, special gift but we do tend to love our technology.
  7. A nice leather or trendy fabric writing portfolio.  One with pockets and a good quality lined pad of paper (preferably in a pretty colour).
  8. A white board or bulletin board for their office.  You can get fancy and buy a combined one or one with a stylish frame.
  9. Business cards or postcards to  promote their business (if they are a freelancer).
  10. A fountain pen or other special pen.  One that feels great in your hand and writes as smooth as silk.  If it writes with ink that is a unique colour you probably get bonus points.

If you are a training professional reading this, do you agree?  Do you have other suggestions for gifts you’d love to receive?  Please add a comment.

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